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Our dedicated team will work tirelessly to ensure we are providing you with the most reliable suppliers, the right products and the most competitive prices. We will understand your goals or help develop them while we continuously monitor the energy markets so that you are able to make the right procurement decisions for you and your budget.

Curago Energy Offers:

  • Required Licenses and Certifications across our geographical footprint
  • One point of contact for both electricity and natural gas
  • Excellent customer service from dedicated, experienced energy professionals
  • Successful enrollment, invoice analysis, and relationship management
  • Continuous assessment of evolving customer needs
  • Active market monitoring to ensure proactive and timely renewals
  • Both fixed and variable-priced options for cost control
  • Strategic partnerships to assist in management of energy usage

Managing Your Energy Costs

Your circumstances will be unique and may vary by geographic location (please see the energy de-regulation map below), so it is imperative that we work together to identify product(s) and term(s) that best suit your needs.

Fixed Rate
A fixed rate plan will provide price certainty throughout the term. However, supplier risk premiums will be higher.
Index Rate
Supplier risk premiums will be very low but you will subject your business to marketplace pricing volatility.
Block & Index
Available for higher volume end users, this product enables you to pursue a portfolio-based approach with both fixed and index components.
Market-specific conditions, like basis for natural gas, as well as capacity, transmission, etc. for electricity, provide opportunities to develop a structured product.