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Our Process

Curago Energy will utilize proven processes to ensure we have all of your historical usage data, thoroughly understand your goals and objectives and select the best group of suppliers to serve your needs.  Once you have contracted for the best product and term, we will remain active in providing ongoing customer support and monitoring your situation to proactively identify future renewal opportunities.

  • Signed Letter of Authorization
  • Copy of Recent Invoice
  • Review Contract Terms
  • Determine Objective(s)
  • Identify Pricing Alternative(s)
  • Request for Proposal Development
  • Supplier Sourcing and Qualification
  • Contract Reviews
  • Update Market Prices
  • Analysis of Final Options
  • Select Winning Supplier
  • Complete and Sign Contracts
  • Contracting Support
  • Update Objective(s)
  • Market Intelligence
  • Ongoing Customer Service
  • Invoice Analysis Support
  • Regulatory Monitoring
  • Planning Support for Next Transaction