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Proactive Energy Procurement is More Than Shopping for Price

Curago Energy’s expertise delivers value to its clients in ways that extend  beyond finding the best energy prices.
supplier evaluationWhile price monitoring is one focus of the ongoing support that Curago Energy provides its customers, we also review our portfolio of suppliers to help ensure they provide long-term strength and stability to our customers.  This is extremely important. In the worst case, a supplier default can cause harm to its customers.  In the past, this has occurred when prices are high and leave a customer in the position of buying at the worst time.  While our suppliers can’t provide us with all the details of their businesses, as energy business veterans, we know significantly more about them than our customers do.  Our customers get the benefit of this knowledge as they make decisions that will help them meet their goals and objectives.
Fortunately, acquisitions and mergers of existing suppliers are much more likely to occur than a default.  This happened to one of our customers, a premier manufacturer of electronic enclosures. Their existing supplier was acquired by another major national supplier in our industry.  During the integration of these businesses, data was incorrectly transferred between the suppliers resulting in questions about the contract expiration date.  Curago Energy was able to find out what had occurred during the transition and represented the customer in negotiating a proper solution. 
manufacturing facility

While the customer had budgeted for a price of greater than $.07/kWh for the last 12 months of their contract, we were able to get their price reduced to below $.06/kWh – a 14% reduction in their rate.  Since then, our customer has had several issues arise due to changes that occurred on a national level at the Federal Energy Regulatory Commission, on a state level at the Public Utilities Commission and on a local level with the utility.  In all instances, we have been able to review the contracts and clarify for our customer the correct types of services they are to receive.  Curago Energy’s easy accessibility and ongoing customer service approach has provided great value to this customer.
That’s a powerful benefit to working with energy procurement professionals who have a history of doing things “the right way.